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Multimedia Word Match Game

First, choose a language and then match the words with the pictures. Click on a picture and then click on the word you think matches the picture. After you're done, click on "Score" to see how well you did.

To hear a word pronounced, click on the "speaker" icon (you might have to wait a few seconds while the audio data is retrieved over the net.) Some languages don't have voices yet.

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The source.
Voices - English, Cantonese: Me, Dutch: Arthur van Hoff, French: Lisa Friendly, German: Chris Moeller, Geeekspeak: Burt Fujii, Hebrew: Jacob Levy, Japanese: Mark Opperman, Hindi: Satyendra Dhingra, Mandarin: Ruby Li, Pig Latin: Christopher Friendly Nicholson, Portuguese: Ruby Li, Spanish: Sami Shaio, Swiss German: Hans Eberle

 Last Update: 12-Sep-07

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